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Desiging Solutions

Desiging Solutions

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Decorating Tips That Sell Homes

Can small decorating changes help you sell your home? Yes! Here are some easy decorating tips to make your home more appealing to potential buyers while keeping your expenses to a minimum:

  • Clean up clutter! Too much stuff makes your home look cramped for space. Go through your attic, basement, garage and closets. Throw away old papers, donate old clothes and furniture and store materials you want to keep in clean, color coordinated plastic boxes or in wicker trunks so that clutter is hidden and stylishly stored.

  • Edit your displays of knick- knacks, family photos, lace doilies, books and other personal collectibles to de-personalize your home. Store away the items you remove for future display in your next home. Keep accessories to a minimum.

  • Replace bulbs in table and floor lamps, ceiling fixtures and recessed fixtures with halogen bulbs to give off bright, white light and help your home look spacious and cheery.

  • Paint over boldly patterned or colored wallpaper and friezes with neutral colors such as warm beige or creamy white to keep the decor neutral and more appealing to a greater audience.

  • Update older bathrooms and camouflage out-of-style tile with a new shower curtain, coordinating towels, bath rug and a wastebasket. Hide your toiletries in behind-the-door hanging pockets, small decorative storage boxes or baskets. Replace any low wattage bulbs in the vanity fixture with higher wattage, brighter bulbs. Clear the sink area of any and all personal effects.

  • Rearrange or remove small pieces of furniture to help rooms seem more spacious. If your floors are in good shape, remove area rugs to show off the spacious hardwood floors underneath.

  • Use ready-made slipcovers in neutral colors on any seating that is worn or damaged.

  • Replace old kitchen cabinet knobs with fun, new knobs that can be purchased in any home store. Try using a knife or fork on the cutlery drawer or use color coordinated ceramic knobs and metal knobs in geometric shapes.

  • Increase your "front door appeal" by adding fresh plants and flowers in pots, baskets and vases at the door landing and in the front hall or foyer. Place an herbal wreath on the front door. Camouflage concrete outside with a large grass doormat; add a small splash of warmth and color with a decorative doormat or area rug in the front hall. Again, up the wattage on lighting fixtures to make the home entrance brighter.

  • Pare down older, layered window treatments or outdated valances to let in more natural light and expose more window frame and wall, making rooms seem bigger, brighter and newer. Even removing heavy drapes down to the sheers or roller shades underneath are okay- as long as they’re clean and in good shape.

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