Slobproof’s Day at the Beach

Still have doubts about how durable our Slobproof! furniture really is?  Then take a look at these photos we snapped at Sandy Point State Park.  Even the park ranger was surprised how well this chair worked at the beach — “I wish I could bring my living room furniture out here!”

UMD Bridal Suite Update!

We are still working on the Bridal Suite at University of Maryland and we’re hoping to have the new furniture installed by mid September for all of those Fall weddings!  This was definitely a design challenge since the suite is really two lounges connected by a bell tower.  We also had to design around the existing red draperies and carpeting while also working on an extremely tight budget!

We started by picking a very soft shade of yellow for the walls to add warmth to the spaces.  We’re replacing the existing furniture to accommodate brides and bridal parties.  In the sitting area 3 armless chairs in a soft ultra-suede scone colored fabric will make an appearance.  Why armless?  So the bride can sit down with out wrinkling her gorgeous dress.  If the bride has a case of the nerves and spills adrink or make up on the new chairs- fogettabout it, it’s Slobproof!  In the lounge with the make up mirror and stools we’re updating the tired old counter to a faux granite to add a dash of cool color.  Small upholstered benches with ebony wood legs and a silver stripe detail will make it easy and comfy for the bride to relax at the counter and touch up her make-up.  Topping off the benches with Slobproof! fabric in a warm salsa tone will keep them looking new.  An upholstered storage bench in rich shades of gold, sage, and blush will be a welcome spot for a bridesmaid to kick up her heels. Although the budget for the space was minimal we stretched it to get: 1. A new paint color 2. Updated counter top 3. Brand new furniture.

Design Ideas for Football Season