Which Comes First…..The Chicken or the Coop?

We’ve entered the “dog days of summer” and don’t I know it.  My dog Daisy refuses to take her usual long morning walk and as such, I can feel the cellulite building on my thighs!  Clients go on vacation, manufacturers shut down their plants and time seems to stand still in a haze of high temperatures and humidity.  As I sit in front of of the AC vent fanning myself, my mind turns to the future.  I don’t fantasize about becoming rich and famous, starring in my own design reality show or getting the cover of House Beautiful!  I dream about raising chickens on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, living in a country home; living a country life and having the most gorgeous chicken coop in the Mid-Atlantic.  Here’s my dream coop, courtesy of William Sonoma Agrarian.  I think it’s so great, I may not wait for the chickens and just order it now!

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