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What Makes Designing Solutions Different Washington DC Top Interior Designer Debbie Wiener
What Makes Us Different

Do you browse through interior designer show houses, magazines or books, love what you see, but know in your heart that your family (or pets) would ruin these highly- styled rooms in a matter of minutes or days? I started Designing Solutions, an interior design firm that specializes in real life, pet-friendly, family-friendly design. Our clients include high-powered DC-area families and budget conscious couples who share a common goal: they want their homes to be beautiful, comfortable and hold up to the way they really live.

What makes Designing Solutions different?
First, our elegant interior decorating style is influenced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in that it is carefully thought out to survive whatever life throws at it, including incontinent pets, food fights between siblings, vomiting babies and extremely sloppy spouses (here I really mean husbands) who leave tomato sauce spots from pizza on the arms of the sofa. I know this because these people are our clients and I've been researching fabrics, flooring, furniture and window treatments that are fuss-free, resilient, stylish and provide lasting value.

My basic guiding philosophy is simple - you shouldn’t have to work at keeping your home stylish and comfortable. Your home should work for you. No matter what interior style you prefer or which colors you use, your home should be easy to maintain, easy to keep clean, easy to keep looking great and always comfortable, with little effort involved. I chose this philosophy out of necessity- you see I married a slob, then had two boys, and learned the hard way that working to keep the pillows fluffed, the draperies primped, the sofa safe from spills and stains and the lampshades straight and free of fingerprints is futile. It's much less stressful and far more economical to make design choices that require no protection from the people (or pets) who live in your home.

Our 2 Hour Designing Solution
Ready to get started? I make it easy for you. Begin with an intensive two-hour in-home interior design consultation from one of our professional interior designers. By focusing on the fundamentals of home design, we’ll write a plan to help you better use what you already have and show you which additional things you’ll need to achieve your design goals and avoid costly mistakes. Find out more.

Full Service Real Life Interior Design
Need the full services of a professional interior design firm? Designing Solutions brings you a team of experts, including a certified lighting designer, color specialist, decorative painter and window designer. We have our own professional, licensed installers, painters and master electrician who can handle all aspects of your design project and we schedule, manage and supervise all of the interior design work for you.

Designing Dilemma Q&A Column
Got a designing dilemma involving pets, kids, a messy family or a messy house? Send it to us , or read our Designing Dilemmas, where we answer your interior decorating questions with down-to-earth, affordable design tips you can really use.

People are saying...

"I hired Debbie to work with me when we first moved in. I hired Debbie again when we added our first addition and then again when we were planning the second addition. Her ideas were better than the architect's! She truly understands that a home has to work well, not just look good."     - Faith

"I wanted to work with a designer who has all the right people it takes to actually do the design work. Debbie had great painters and a great electrician and it gave me peace of mind to know she was in charge of the whole project while we were at work." - Marta

"Her (Debbie's) help in choosing color was amazing! She made every room warm and unique but somehow tied it all together. The results were amazing and her painters were great!" - Todd & Heather

"Debbie's involvement in our major renovation was to ensure the integrity of the house, so that the final product looked like the entire house was built at the same time, not 100 years apart. This involved hundreds of decisions, from doorknobs and moldings to floor stains, paint colors and even roof tiles." - Elizabeth

"Debbie helped us turn our basic ideas into rooms that are fun and comfortable. The rooms certainly feel like our own, but her ideas took them way beyond what we could have done without her help. Plus, she was a pleasure to work with and she brought in talented, reliable craftsmen to work on our home." - E.K.

"We recently moved into a new house and wanted to update it according to our personal style. We needed assistance with choosing colors, furniture and accessories, and lighting. Debbie really listened to our desires and fully explained the design plan and schedule. Debbie and her co-workers were very professional, reliable, conscientious, and orderly. We just loved the way our house turned out and are extremely happy. We believe Designing Solutions really captured in our home our family's personality. We plan on using Designing Solutions for all future projects. We would highly recommend this company for all your designing needs. - Lily and Thomas

"My wife and I struggled with finding a designer to help us make the right choices and spend our furniture budget the best way possible. By far, Debbie was the most enthusiastic designer of all. She enjoys what she does and its contagious. She gave us great ideas in our first meeting and then put them into action. She has great people doing the work so we didn't have to find our own. Debbie always gave us two or three choices for each item she showed us and explained the pros and cons thoroughly, so we understood what we were buying. She's incredibly well-informed about how things are made and how to get the best value when buying things for the home. We love the rooms she did for us! Everything is what we wanted and very comfortable. The rooms she did are our favorites and we look forward to working with her again to do the upstairs bedrooms. We wouldn't work with anyone else!" - Scott

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