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In The News - Washington Spaces

Washington Spaces

November 2009

Debbie Wiener's Thanksgiving Feast for the Eyes (And Other Tasty Treats)

Posted by Jennifer Sergent Wednesday November 25, 2009

What a warm way to greet the holiday – with an authentic Arts and Crafts setting that includes a vintage mantel, a surround using Motawi Tileworks, and William Morris fabric on the windows. “It couldn’t look Arts and Crafts. It had to be Arts and Crafts,” Designer Debbie Wiener says of the directive she was given. The look is all the more delicious, considering what her clients gave her to start with: Debbie’s beautiful Thanksgiving greeting on the mantel whetted my appetite for more fabulous Thanksgiving décor, because this is a holiday that can get pretty kitschy, pretty fast.
Let’s start with Eddie Ross, a stylist and flea-market guru, who just blogged about his own Thanksgiving table. The setting glows with casual elegance.

The details of his table show off his finds from past flea markets and antique shops.

Eddie also blogged about how to make an Indian corn centerpiece. Do I really have to tell you he used to work for Martha Stewart?
Next up is HGTV, which is always brimming with creative home décor ideas, especially when it comes to the holidays. They’ve got some great tabletop inspiration this year.
My dining room will never look like the ones above, but just gazing at these pictures puts me in the right mood. This table below from Martha Stewart, moreover, makes me smile. Its pale colors and airy centerpiece would surely act as a digestive to all those heavy foods we’re going to eat.
Getting back to the fall colors, Martha also offers this room for consumption. I love all the cascading red and purple grapes.
Country Living, too, has some yummy ideas. The outdoor table (which is actually intended for kids) is completely unrealistic for our part of the country, but it makes for a nice fantasy.
So, wherever your Thanksgiving table is or what will be on it, we all wish you a warm and fruitful holiday, and we’ll see you next week.

Washington Spaces

June 2009

Designer Debbie Wiener to Launch "Slob Proof" Furniture Line with Crypton
Posted by Jennifer Sergent Wednesday June 03, 2009 - 04:26 PM

wash-spaces-0609photo01 (74K)

Debbie Wiener, one of my favorite designers – and friends – called me yesterday with great news: The success of her recent book, Slob Proof, is evolving into a new “Slob Proof” furniture line with the hi-tech fabric company, Crypton.

Click here to download the article and view the fabulous photos (PDF Format).

Washington Spaces

February 2009

A Colorful New Start
Donnie Wood Redecorates for Herself – and Her Dogs

Written by Jennifer Sergent Photography by Sebastian Podesta

After her husband of 19 years died in 2007, Donnie Wood knew she needed to make some changes to reclaim her life and her home as her own. She started at the orthodontist’s office to improve her smile, where she ultimately found a copy of Washington Spaces magazine. In it, she discovered Designer Debbie Wiener of Designing Solutions, whose specialty is decorating pet- and kid-friendly homes. Wood owns three rambunctious dogs.

“This was a time in my life when I was dull and gray. I needed bright and cheerful,” Wood says, “but I didn’t want [a home] that I couldn’t live in.”

When Wiener first arrived at Wood’s home in Ashburn, VA, she found a space that wasn’t very livable to begin with: “Old, faded, dog-damaged furniture,” she describes. Wood adds that her husband, a smoker, had gotten burn marks on the furniture and carpets as well. Wood called on Case Design/Remodeling Inc. to remodel her kitchen and transform a former den into a dining room. In the meantime, Wiener was choosing fabrics, carpets, and flooring that were both cheerful and durable.

“Anybody can just replace furniture,” Wiener says. “I didn’t want to give her furniture where every day she’d feel like vacuuming it.”

In the living room, she chose an American Leather sofa with protected leather, which doesn’t scratch or stain. The suede American Leather ottomans are similarly treated. The Lee Industries arm chairs are covered in Crypton performance fabric that is resistant to stains, water, and bacteria. As a bonus, the upholstery has a subtle dog pattern woven into it.

In the dining room, Wiener gave a whimsical nod to Wood’s dogs with a more pronounced dog pattern on the Crypton-covered arm chairs at each end of the table. Look up, and you’ll see delightful dog-head finials, which are replicated in Wood’s bedroom upstairs.

The end result, Wood says, is just as good for humans as it is for her dogs. The expanded dining room gives her much more room for entertaining than she had before, and the durable fabric on all the chairs allows her to host gatherings without worry.

“I want people to be comfortable,” she says. “I want to enjoy the party with everyone rather than having to clean up after them all the time.”

Wiener’s work, she adds, has helped her heal enormously in the wake of the loss of her husband. “[It] makes me excited about my life.”

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Washington Spaces

Summer 2006

In this issue, you can peak into the 2006 Washington Spaces Design House to view Deborah Wiener's fun and family-friendly Lounge Space. And see Deborah Wiener's design for a Connecticut Avenue residence showcased in the article, " In with the Old, In with the New," by Sherry Moeller. Click here to view (PDF Format).

Washington Spaces

June 2005

Deborah Wiener's redesign of the McDonald's contemporary home in Potomac, Maryland showcases this family's unique collectibles. Read "Savoring Memories" written by Sherry Moeller and share in the sentimental journey. Click here to download the article and view the fabulous photos (PDF Format).

Washington Spaces

January/February 2005

Designing Solutions' Deborah Wiener was quoted in "Dynamic & Sophisticated: Moods and Lifestyles Kick in When it Comes to Color Selections" by Stephanie Cavanaugh

Don't Forget the Ceiling

Deborah Wiener of Designing Solutions says inspiration should guide every color choice. Look at what's in a room, blend colors - don't match, and think of what effect you're after. "Colors that give off warmth have reds and oranges in them. Apple greens, true soft yellows and creamy white make rooms look fresh and new," Wiener says. Medium blues, taupe and beige are easy to live with, while dark, rich colors including purple, burgundy, navy blue and chocolate brown give off a dramatic, sophisticated look. Gray, blue gray and pure white offer a cool, open feeling.

Try something new and don't forget the ceiling. There's no reason to leave such a large area stark white or matching the wall color when a contrasting color will add a decorative punch instead, Wiener adds. "Ceilings are important to a room's decor - they are what a matching purse and shoes are to a designer dress or what a beautiful tie and pocket square are to a pinstripe suite - the finishing touches that turn average looks into show-stoppers."

With pumpkins, golden yellows and neutral colors including whites and browns, try creamy white trim and very pale blue on the ceiling, Wiener adds. "A little bit of cool color paired with warm walls makes a great contrast. Strong, dark colors including green and navy blue as well as cool tones in gray come to life when paired with whiter trim and warm ceiling color in pale peach and pink." Try rich tones of deep red, purple, medium blue and burgundy with golden yellow on the ceiling and creamy white on the trim.

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